The 7 Best Creeping Vines for Your Yard Fences

A garden or a yard is a superb way for you to escape from life for a few tender moments and relax. One of the best ways to do this is via the feel of privacy. If you have a garden or a yard and you want a specific area to have privacy, creeping vines are a great place to start.

  1. Clematis. This is a great vine for privacy and is usually quite woody in appearance but if you get a hybrid version, it can also be full of pretty flowers as well.

  2. Ivy. This is a really popular vine used for privacy. English ivy is what is mostly used for privacy and usually has white or green leaves that grow off of it. Ivy is great for low temperatures.

  3. Trumpet Vines. While this plant is quite popular for its beautiful trumpet like flowers, its ability to withstand sun and heat, and this is why most people choose it.

  4. Wisteria. This is a vine that has bright and beautiful bunches of purple flowers that bloom downward from the vine. Wisteria vines grow quickly, but the flowers may take years to flower.

  5. Climbing Roses. If you like the smell and the look of roses, you will love climbing roses. These vines use their thorns as a way of attaching themselves to a wall or lattice and climbing upwards. Climbing roses come in various colors including red, white, pink and yellow.

  6. Honeysuckle Vine. Unlike other vines that are sturdy, these vines are somewhat thin in appearance and feel, but they will make your garden smell delicious!

  7. Passion Flower. If you want to feel like you are sitting in a tropical location, passion flowers are a superb option. The flowers are amazingly intricate and bright and the vines are delicate.