How a Good Fence Can Create an Inclusive Playground for Special Kids

Playgrounds have a lot to offer children because they allow for much more imaginative playing but for a kid with special needs they can be dangerous. Many playgrounds are too open, making it easy for children with cognitive disabilities to wonder off or intentionally leave the area.

When you have a child with autism or any other cognitive disability, a trigger can send them running from the playground. Setting up fences can help make the area a place that is safer and more comforting for children with special needs.

To make public playground truly inclusive, fences should be considered as part of the design or the next upgrade. Fences make it much easier for parents to keep an eye on their children, whether they have autism, are hyperactive or are simply young.

Fences should be high enough that it is difficult for children to scale over them. They should also completely surround the playground with only one or two areas to enter and exit, making it easier for parents to monitor their children at play.

These additions do not have to be scary or uninviting. There are many different options for playground fencing that are not only nice for security they can be used as part of the playground’s theme. For some of the common playground themes such as ships or dinosaurs it is very easy to work this into the planning or modifications.

Special playground fences made of similar material as the playground will keep the look and feel the same. You can also be inventive with the original components, adding an area for kids to write, practice their numbers and letters or play games on the interior of the fence. There are many ways to make playgrounds safe for all children.