4 Beautiful Spring Plants for Your Garden Hedge

Spring is the time when the earth wakes up after a long winter sleep. Everything comes to life. Birds begin looking for nesting sites, bees start buzzing and the grass fights its way through the hardened earth. Nothing can be more pleasing to the eye than watching vibrant colors and delicate spring blossoms flowering away.

While most people opt for green hedges, there are some plants that make stunning hedges, especially if they flower. Here are some plants you should think about using for your hedge:

Wild Cherry: The stunning white blossoms of the wild cherry make appearance in spring and in fall, the leaves turn to an amazing pink color. When planted within a hedge, wild cherry can transform your garden into a showpiece in spring. The effect will be stunning as well as delicate.

Elder: The elder tree is steeped in mythology and makes a wonderful hedge. The delicate white flowers that emerge in spring can be used to make a pretty neat white wine. This delicate hedge can be made to look fuller if you combine it with hawthorn.

Hawthorn: This plant is of course the hedging of choice for many people. It is dense, grows without too much maintenance and the thorns keep unwanted animals at bay. The beautiful blossoms come out in spring and the red fruits in autumn, giving gardens a distinctive appearance.

Crab-Apple: The gorgeous blossoms of the crab apple tree can be a delight for the eyes in spring. But, you also will get to enjoy the apples that appear in fall. If you intend using crab apple for your hedge, make sure you combine it with blackthorn or hawthorn to give the hedge some girth and structure. Dotting your hedge with crab apple will definitely give a whole new dimension to it.