Christmas Decoration: 5 Ideas for a Beautiful Picket Fence

Decorations are a major part of the holiday season for most people, even if they only stick to the inside of their house.
However, if you want to do outdoor decorations this Christmas, so you can really show off your design sense to your neighbors, you need to decorate your home in the right style.
Finding the perfect outdoor fence Christmas decorations doesn’t have to be a crazy challenge.


Use this list of the top 5 ideas for outdoor fence Christmas decorations to help guide you through the decorating your home this year.

    1. Lights
      It might seem obvious, but lights are one of the best ways to put some color and Christmas spirit on your outdoor fence. You can use multi-colored lights if you’re looking for something festive, or you can opt for classic and more subdued white lights.

Use whatever works with your designs scheme, your house, and your sensibility. No matter what style you pick, lights will give your home some Christmas flair.


    1. Bows
      Bows are a big part of Christmas, and a big red one dresses up your home immediately. Just make sure you secure it so it doesn’t blow away!


    1. Garland
      Garlands are easy to find and attach to your fence with a staple gun. Pair them with some holiday lights and a bow on your gate and you’ve got a simple no-fuss holiday setup.


    1. Wreaths
      Nothing says Christmas like a wreath, but yours doesn’t have to be just for your front door. Secure it to your outdoor fence and you’ve got a great look. You can even use more than one for long fences.


  1. Ornaments
    Large wood painted ornaments are easy to find and they look great hanging over your garland and lights!