Top 5 Ideas for Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas is almost here and Christmas trees are being put up around the world with colorful lights and beautiful ornaments. The season is just not the same without a well-lit tree with all the trimmings. These days you can find an ideal ornaments for every member in your family, whether your shopper wife, your rocker soon or your soccer playing daughter. You can make the Christmas tree your own by putting a little thought into the decorations to bring out everyone’s creativity.

Here are 5 of the best decorating ideas to make your Christmas tree look stunning this year:

Christmas tree decoration

  1. Silver Night. The name says it all. Decorate your tree with lots of silver and a touch of blue for a color pop. Silver and blue ribbons, bells and other ornaments can make your tree look like a silvery tree in the moonlight. This is a unique idea as it is a great combo of classic and modern. It’s sure to look amazing.
  2. Golden Delight. Are you more of a golden fan? Well, you can have that too. Gold is very traditional and when you add ornaments of green and red with lots of candy canes and mini-gifts, it can look absolutely adorable. It’s sure to remind everyone of the Christmas trees in books we read as children.
  3. Natural Beauty. If you’re tired of store bought ornaments, make your own with things you find outdoors. Fallen pine cones can be painted and tied with ribbons. Hollies can also be hung on the tree with strings of gold and silver. You don’t need to buy ornaments if you get creative.
  4. Homemade Ornaments. Gather your kids and get them to pitch in to make awesome ornaments for your Christmas tree. This will add sentimental value and this Christmas is sure to be more special.
  5. Ribbons and Lights. Try decorating your tree using only ribbons and lights and see how beautiful your tree turns out. Colorful ribbons in stripes, checkers and plain will spice up the tree!