Top DIY Ideas Using Your Chain Link Fence

Many home owners are finding that chain link fences are unfortunately a thing of the past. Some are opting for the more aesthetically pleasing wooden fences, while others are completely opting out of utilizing a fence altogether.

That being said, there are a number of DIY projects that can be completed by using your own discarded chain link fence. DIY projects are currently all of the rage in home decor; therefore do not hesitate to indulge.

Here are top DIY ideas using your chain link fence:

    1. Chain Link Fences Make Beautiful Garden Décor
      Because the holes in the wiring allow for vines and other snake-like plants to be interwoven into them, it allows for a beautiful accent to any nature sanctuary.

More specifically, attaching your fence panel to the upper portion of a garden trellis allows for the perfect floral accent without having to drape your plants and risk breaking of the stalks.

    1. Chain Link Fences Are Multi-Purpose Boards
      Using your fence as a post-it board for your kitchen or craft room can create an inviting focal point in any room. Simply spray paint your segment of fence, frame it with craft-store wooden frames, and mount it to the wall.

Utilizing clothing pins as “thumb tacks” on the wire creates a rustic touch without overdoing it.

  • Chain Link Fences Enrich Your Home Décor
    Mounting a decorative piece to the top of the chain link fence and applying your favorite choice of spray paint color can help create a wonderful headboard.


Not only can you create a magnificent headboard on a budget, but you can customize your headboard with cushioning applied to the front of the fencing.

Choose your favorite color of fabric and steady the cushioning through the chain link fence into a piece of light-weight wood on the back portion.

Home accents on a budget are clearly possible with a chain link fence.