Stop Fence Jumping: 9 Useful Tips to Avoid Risks

Choosing the right fence for your property, whether it’s a traditional picket style, or a sleek aluminum to save on maintenance, it’s something you’ve put a lot of thought and a lot of hard-earned money into as well. Therefore, it’s frustrating when the neighborhood kids or even mailman think it’s too much to walk through your gate and instead jump the fence. It is inconsiderate and something that you can limit, here’s how:

    1. Increase the height of your fence: Even an extra foot can be quite a deterrent, with only the brave or foolish willing to ask themselves “do I feel lucky?”

Stop Fence Jumping

    1. Politely ask them to stop: Most people won’t even realize the consequences of their actions until you point them out to them.


    1. Investigate animal deterrents: If you’re not around to catch the climbers;look into the options available which not only stop pigeons and cats, but human fence jumpers too.


    1. Put up a “Beware of the Dog” sign: This can be quite effective, even if you don’t actually have a dog!


    1. Consider decorative metal spikes: It would stop people from approaching to jump in. An additional chain along the top of your fence will also do.


    1. Put up a “please use the gate” sign on your fence: Again, it frequently doesn’t occur to people, especially with a relatively low fence, that they are causing damage.


    1. Use a heavier gauge material for the construction of your fence: For example, vinyl coatings on chain link fences make them much tougher, and able to withstand the odd jumper.


  1. Use strong panel: Ask your fencing-provider to supply you with thicker panels for picket fences to make them stronger.