7 Fence Idioms

Fences are everywhere around us, whether they are literal and used for enclosing particular spaces, or figurative and used as an expression of speech to really mean something else. Here are seven different phrases that use the word “fence” and what they really mean. Swing for the fence. This phrase is baseball-oriented, because swinging for …Read More

Do Wood Fences Work?

There are many styles of fencing available to homeowners who are seeking security and privacy. If properly chosen, wood fences can provide both of those along with improving the aesthetics of your yard. It is important that you consider your landscape and housing design when deciding on the right wooden fence. Popular Fencing Types Stockade …Read More

Guide: Vinyl Fencing for Your Home

Vinyl fencing is the youngest and most cost effective fencing option on the market. It adds a mark of class and good taste to any outdoor space, and is quickly growing in popularity because it is virtually maintenance-free. What Is Vinyl fencing? It is fencing made from a PVC compound, and is part fiberglass and …Read More