Why PVC Vinyl Fencing Is the Ideal Option for You

PVC vinyl fencing can decorate your yard, protect your children, and keep your animals corralled while making a statement to your neighbors. Strong, striking, clean, and splinter-free, vinyl fencing is quickly becoming the fencing material of choice.

    • Strong: Stronger than wood, vinyl will last longer too. It can take more stress without bending or breaking, and with a little care, it will last a lifetime – even in seaside or desert settings where salt air or blowing sand can damage traditional fencing.

PVC Vinyl Fence

    • Striking: Vinyl comes in brilliant whites or a variety of colors to match or highlight your house. The color is uniform and never needs painting or refinishing. You can select from a portfolio of fence styles: picket, post and rail, panels and more. Pickets come in varied widths, and posts sport a variety of finials.


    • Clean: Easily installed PVC vinyl fencing will not chip, rust, or discolor. In most weather conditions, the fencing will survive rain, wind, and sun. You can hose it down or wipe dirt away with soapy water.


  • Splinter-free: Children can climb PVC vinyl without fear of splinters or breakage. You can order textured finishes, but most fencing is smooth to the touch. It will not warp or rot, even if it is regularly in contact with lawn sprinklers.

PVC is a re-cycled vinyl with a minimal carbon footprint. You can surround your property or pool, highlight a garden with arbors and pergolas, or fence in your houses. Money saved on maintenance, tools and repairs offsets the cost of PVC vinyl fencing, and you cannot put a price on the pride you will feel with the best looking fence in your neighborhood.