5 Easy Tips to Clean Your Vinyl Fence During Winter

Although you’ve bought your vinyl fence for the combination of easy maintenance and good looks, that doesn’t mean you can ignore essential preparation for seasonal changes altogether. Winter carries particular challenges and it’s well worth carrying out these five tips during the cold season.

Viny Fence Care In Winter

  1. Check for obvious defects before cleaning.Your vinyl fence is hard-wearing but not unbreakable. So make sure there are no visible repairs that need taking care. Your fence won’t warp or split but any area of damage will only be made worse by bad weather.
  2. Remove any plant material. Grasses and creepers may be less of an issue out of growing season but they could still work themselves between panels and become unsightly. A dose of weed killer or thorough pruning will prepare your fence.
  3. Get rid of scuffs and marks. Unsightly rather than potentially damaging paint and other scuff marks should be removed before winter. You should be able to deal with this with a weak soap and hot water solution but if elbow grease doesn’t do the trick, you may need the help of paint thinner. Don’t use abrasive cleaners such as bleach; this could damage your fence.
  4. Mold and lichen. The majority should wipe away but a solution of one part vinegar to five parts water will discourage their return.
  5. Water stains. It’s not uncommon for your vinyl fence to pick up water stains whether they are simply water marks or pollution and dirt brought down by the rain. Again white vinegar and water solution and an absorbent cloth with take care of the problem.