Top 7 Plants to Choose for Your Garden During Winter

Do you often have problems keeping your garden looking pretty even during the cold winter season? Well, worry no more as there are plenty of plants that thrive during the winter months and will make your garden look oh-so-lovely.

Here are 7 winter plants for your garden to make it look as wonderful as it does during the other months of the year:

  1. Camellias.These lovely flowers come in colors like soft pink and bright red. They have vivid green and glossy leaves. Planting these flowers can make your winter garden look bright and lovely even when dark and chilly!

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  3. Holly. This is of course a favorite during the Christmas season. Red berries and glossy green leaves can make any garden look lovely during winter. You can also find yellow berries to brighten up the greenery.

  4. Snowdrops. These bell shaped white flowers pop up through layers of snow and can make your garden look positively enchanting.

  5. Berry-Bushes. Bushes that have berries such as fire thorn, Virginia creeper, chokecherry etc. makes wonderful plants to have in your garden during the winter season.

  6. Bergenia. This evergreen perennial has lovely heart-shaped leaves with flowers in white and purple. The leaves change colors during autumn to bronze, purple and mauve hues. This plant will be beautiful year round!

  7. Hellebores. These are beautiful cupped flowers that come in shades of white, light pink and maroon. They make wonderful flowers to welcome the New Year.

  8. Crape Myrtle. Found mostly in Southeast Asia, this beautiful plant will add a dash of color to your garden with its delicate flowers that cluster together. You can find them in hues that range from white to purple.