Wood Fence Gates: Traditional Yet Fascinating

Wooden fence gates can be added to almost any type of privacy fence or wall. Wrought iron gates were popular for several years, but didn’t allow for maximum privacy. Traditionally built wooden gates can be made so that there is little way for anyone to peer through and see what is happening inside your backyard or enclosed area.

Wooden Gates

Wooden gates can be made into almost any shape and style the homeowner chooses and are extremely versatile when it comes to their outward appearance. They can be stained, painted or treated to retain their natural look and color. A gate can be custom built to match the surrounding fence or wall construction. A plain, unassuming look can also be easily achieved while still being fully functional and serving its intended purpose.

Choosing to install a wooden gate instead of a more modern, wrought iron gate, does have its advantages. A few include:

    • Blend in well with natural surroundings
    • Offer maximum privacy
    • Can be customized to exactly match the fence or structure on either side
    • Heavier than a wrought iron gate and less likely to be compromised in the event of a burglary

Whether you have a modern, contemporary or rustic home, a wooden gate can accent specific features while adding beauty and style. You can have a beautifully ornate door installed or keep it strictly basic with only decorative hinges and functional handle. A wooden gate can bring out the beauty of a rustic garden while maintaining the level of privacy most of the homeowners desire.