Role of Fencing Style in Garden Landscaping

You are excited about installing your new fencing around your garden. Now the holes are dug and the posts and boards are being installed. You are dying to see the final effect. Once the fence installation is finished, you take a look and you realize that your garden looks weird and fencing looks out of place. It doesn’t look like a masterpiece you envisaged.

When you are installing fence, it is important to landscape your garden based on the fencing style. It is landscaping that helps to smooth the rough edges of fencing and also helps it blend with the rest of the garden.

Contrast vs. Blend
How you landscape your garden will depend whether you want to blend in the fencing with garden or contrast the fencing with the rest of the garden. This choice will depend on the fencing type and style. For instance, if you have white vinyl fencing, you can use it to contrast the lush greenery in the garden, but if you have cedar fencing, it is best to blend it with the garden.

Softening the Effect of the Fence
Soften the harsh lines of the fencing by planting plants along its run. However, if you put plants in a single row, it will increase the barrier effect. Instead look to have flower beds with curves that help to interrupt the hard lines and angles of the fence.

Adding Depth
Always remember that the fencing is the backdrop of your garden and the plants the finishing touches to create a masterpiece. You can add depth and fullness to a garden by planting plants in layers. The larger plants should be close to the fence. The next row should comprise of medium-sized plants and finally the front row should have the smallest plants.