How to Construct a Dream Garden Path in Your Home

Garden PathwaysYour dream garden path needs not to be an expensive affair. There are several options available in materials and designs for you to choose suiting your affordability. Garden paths are constructed for various reasons including:

  • Creating pathways around the home or yard
  • Highlighting outdoor features
  • Protecting plant life or vegetation
  • Creating symmetry in difficult yard spaces
  • Adding a substantial decorative but functional outdoor element

No matter your reason constructing a dream garden path for your home is well within reach. To help you successfully complete your garden path project we’ve put together a few timeless and helpful tips.

Planning Your Path
Every home project should come with a plan and a garden path is no different. Create a plan by making a few key project decisions.

  • Type and amount of materials
  • Estimated project cost and length
  • Put the design on paper

Preparing is Key to Success

Depending on the type or types of material you plan on using the prep process may differ. Generally, you want to ensure the foundation for your path is appropriately prepared. This includes considering climate conditions that may have an effect on the path or installed materials, ensure the path does not hinder property elements (pipelines, gas lines, etc.) and verify the planned path falls within your property boundaries.

Implementing the Design
After completing the preparation process it’s time to put your design into action. Similar to the prep process the type of materials used in your design may require different best methods to ensure the longevity and safety of your path. The following is a simplified path guide.

  • Carve out your design
  • Create a layer of pebbles or granite to ensure proper drainage
  • Tamp or install matting for weed control
  • Install your path material or materials
  • Install a border along the edges of the path

Remember creating your dream garden path doesn’t have to be a complex process. It simply requires creativity and the will to put your plan into action.