9 Household Ways to Keep Weeds Away

Homeowners go to great lengths to keep weeds from overtaking their lawns. Many believe the only way to truly achieve a weed free yard is to use harsh chemicals and spend hours picking and digging in the lawn. While maintaining a perfect lawn does take time and effort, it can be accomplished without the laundry list of toxic chemicals.

Chemical Free Ways to Eliminate and Prevent Weeds

Using one or more of the following methods will help reduce the number of weeds that appear in your lawn each year. They include:Weeds Control

  1. Burn weeds with a small hand held torch. This prevents them from maturing and going to seed.
  2. Use a grass seed that produces a thick ground cover to crowd out weeds.
  3. Maintain healthy soil throughout the year.
  4. Catch weeds early and prevent them from going to seed. This can mean mowing regularly as well as pulling weeds when they grow faster than the rest of the lawn.
  5. Introduce insects and animals that naturally eat weeds and other pesky plants.
  6. Spray your lawn with vinegar and other naturally organic herbicides.
  7. Use landscape fabric in flower beds. While it isn’t cost effective to use it throughout the lawn, it can prevent weeds from gaining access to the yard by preventing their growth in specific areas.
  8. Introduce organic mulches into garden and flower beds.
  9. Break up the top soil by hoeing the lawn and tilling the garden. While this may not work for everyone, it can stop certain weeds from taking hold and crowding out the grass.