5 Signs You Must Replace Your Old Fence

There may come a time when your fence exhibits signs of deterioration to the point where repair is not an option. It is important to inspect your fence regularly and when it begins to show signs of disrepair, it needs to be torn down and removed. Once the old fence is gone, a new one can be built to replace it.

A few signs your fence must be replaced include:

    1. Changes in Color
      When paint and varnish wear off, the wood can become dry and begin to change color. Wood that is gray or discolored should be replaced. When wood gets so dry that it begins to fade, applying another coat of varnish will not help.


    1. Warped or Cracked Sections
      Warped or cracked sections mean the wood has dried out to the point where it can no longer be rehydrated or protected with paint or varnish.


    1. Visible Cracks or Missing Pieces
      As wood dries out it can shrink, causing gaping cracks between the boards. If the wood has been damaged, pieces of the fence may be missing. This reduces privacy, and the fence may be easily compromised by intruders.


    1. The Wood Begins to Splinter
      A good sign that it is time to replace your fence is if the wood begins to splinter or nails begin to work their way out, leaving boards and posts loose and wobbly.


  1. The Fence Begins to Lean
    If the fence begins to lean; it can mean the entire structure has weakened. Leaning or pushing on the fence may cause it to fall the rest of the way over, leaving your backyard open to anyone who wants to enter.

If your fence is showing any of these signs of deterioration, contact California Fence Company for quality fence installation.