4 Halloween Themed Decorations for All Types of Fences

Many people ignore their fence when it comes to decorating it for the holidays.

Halloween, however, is the perfect time to include fence decoration in your outdoor design. Different types of fences lend themselves to a different atmosphere, but all can be made spooky with a little bit of thought.

Wood Fences
These bring to mind country roads, so why not raid your closet for some old overalls and flannel shirts? Stuff them full of straw and add a jack-o-lantern head. Bales of straw can elevate them to peer over the fence or they can have a Halloween tea in your garden. Hang garlands of straw and gourds along your fence and add tiny orange lights.

Metal Fences
These may seem a bit more difficult, but think of Frankenstein. Add some fake razor wire and a sign stating that the fence is electrified. Have old Frank himself close to the fence and hide a recording of lightning sizzle and screams nearby. Create fake lightning bolts from cardboard, aluminum foil and LED lights. This will make your yard sizzle.

Plastic Fences
Picket fences and other made of hard plastic may seem difficult to include in fence decoration, but with a little imagination you can make it spooky. Rent a film projector and use the fence as a screen on which you can project spooky scenes of haunted houses and people running from the unknown. Make sure you’ve hidden a recording of appropriate music, howls and screams.

Rope Fences
Create a temporary graveyard, complete with headstones, fake trees, flying bats and a spooky moon. “Break” a few of the headstones and have a fake arm coming up out of the ground. Create glowing eyes from toilet tissue rolls and glow-sticks to scatter in nearby trees and bushes.