5 Little Extras That Can Help You Get a Backyard Makeover

Little things can make big changes to your backyard living area. While some things cost more than others, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make substantial changes. Many improvements can be completed in a weekend as a personal do-it-yourself project. Bigger projects can take more time to complete but will add value to the home.

Here are 5 little extras that can help you get a backyard makeover:

    1. Lighting
      Decorative lighting can turn a backyard patio into a nighttime oasis. Small solar lights can be placed along pathways and fencing posts to illuminate the area. This not only creates a pleasant atmosphere, it will help prevent you from tripping over objects that wouldn’t have been otherwise seen.

Backyard Makeover Ideas

    1. Landscaping
      Landscaping can be very subtle or extremely extravagant. You can include flowering plants, decorative shrubs, tall grasses, statuary and small fountains. Anything can be used to create an area that is unique to your home and particular tastes.


    1. Fire Pit/Grill
      Having a built in fire pit offers a nice way to relax after the sun goes down. Add a grate and the pit can double as a grill. You can also choose to build a barbecue pit from bricks or pavers. It can be used year round and will also increase the value of the home.


    1. Fountain, Pond or Birdbath
      Small fountains, ponds and birdbaths that have flowing water can be extremely relaxing. Not only will the birds enjoy them, so will you if you are fond of the sound of running water. Relaxing on the deck can be an excellent way to de-stress after a long day.


  1. Awnings and Canopies
    Retractable awnings and canopies provide ample amounts of shade and protection from the elements. They can also be put away when they are no longer needed. They are ideal for when outside events are planned and the weather decides to be uncooperative.

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2 thoughts on “5 Little Extras That Can Help You Get a Backyard Makeover

  1. I like the idea of adding in lighting to the yard, to help see the new shrubs and trees a little bit easier. I am going to be having a fence installed in the backyard, and I think putting some auxiliary lighting on it could really help brighten up the corner and edges of the yard. I’ll definitely have to look into lighting and fencing options that could work well together. Thanks for sharing!

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