How to Fence Your Yard on a Low Budget

One of the best ways to fence a yard on a low budget is to do it yourself. While putting in a fence is time consuming and labor intensive, the materials can be very affordable. As you plan your next fence project, consider the following tips for keeping it within a low budget.

Complete a portion or all of the work yourself.
Not everyone is prepared to build an entire fence. It is a large project that requires a substantial amount of expertise. You may find that you don’t save time and money if you’re not qualified to do this kind of work. However, you can still save a significant amount of money by completing at least part of the work yourself. Be realistic about your skill sets and don’t take on more than you can handle.

Get experts’ advice.
Before you take on any fence project,make a list of your fencing needs, including budget and personal preferences. No matter how much of the work you’ll be doing, you will benefit from bouncing ideas off of experts at fencing or lumber supply companies. Get a second opinion about your materials and designs as well.

Get multiple bids.
If you will be hiring a contractor for some or all of the fence work, get bids from three different contractors. If possible, get references for each contractor and contact them before you make a decision.

Evaluate varying options for materials and style.
As you check out different materials and fence styles, consider cost, strength, and maintenance. Don’t forget to think about different options for different fences. For example, you may want a short, decorative fence in front and a tall, security fence in back to keep kids and pets safe.