5 Different Styles of Picket Fencing for Your Home

Homeowners who have their hearts set on a traditional picket fence, now have several options to choose from. While the front yard white picket fence is a classic, there are now different options to personalize this desired front yard accent piece.

Picket Fencing for Your Home
The following styles are some of the most popular:


  • Rounded Classic
    A picket fence with rounded tops is typically most popular, especially for use in small gardens, around ponds, and in front of landscaped areas. They fit in with most styles of architecture and shift the focus to whatever they are surrounding.


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  • Concave Fencing
    Concave fencing adds a different look when compared to conventional fencing. The scalloped look of the fence fits in nicely with certain exterior d├ęcor patterns.



  • Short Panel Fencing
    Short panel fencing is primarily used for gardens and pathways. You will often find short panel fencing in use around commercial properties where security is normally handled in other ways. Short fences mainly act as decoration pieces, and as a way of setting apart certain areas of the property.



  • High Fencing
    High fencing is ideal for both security and privacy. The height prohibits intruders from climbing over. If combined with a stone wall, the possibility of digging or finding a way through is eliminated.


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  • Pointed Top
    The pointed top picket fence is a time-honored piece that many still like to use around flower gardens and ponds. Like the rounded topped picket fence, the pointed top can also be cut in varying lengths to create a dual look. The differing tips cut into a concave pattern add character to any fence.