4 Popular Fence Design Trends: An Outlook

Different types of fencing can bring out the unique features of a home and also provide a secure boundary to keep unwanted visitors from entering. The right fence design can give your home curb appeal and raise its overall value.
Fence Design
Here are 4 popular fence design trends you should keep your eye on:

    1. Custom Fencing
      Custom fencing can be created from almost any material and, therefore, will be unique to your home. You can include your initials or any other type of design that sets your fence apart from others in the neighborhood. A unique fence design can include different types of fencing to create a blended look. For example, a wooden, lattice fence with a wrought iron gate offers the best of both options.


  • Lattice Fencing
    A lattice fence can be created using a variety of different woods. Patterns and decorative post styles can be chosen from pressure-washed pine or other easily stained woods. A lattice design can reduce visibility and add a modest amount of security.



  • Estate Fencing
    Estate fencing is also referred to as post and rail fencing. Similar to the traditional split rail fence, this split rail version is not quite as secure as other types of fencing, but it does add a hint of classic style and grace. Estate fencing is normally only considered for appearance because of its low height and slight structure.



  • Wrought Iron Fencing
    Wrought iron fencing offers both security and beauty. Wrought iron can be used to create many different types of fence design. Gates and panels can be custom-made to include almost any shape and size of post.