15 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into an Enjoyable Summer Site

It isn’t easy to just take off on a weekend getaway when you need a break away from the stress of your hectic schedule. Simple touches can do a lot to change the atmosphere of your back yard or patio. A few simple features include:

In addition to these smaller changes, you can go to greater lengths to make your backyard or patio into a comfortable resort style area.Hanging Plants

Build a BBQ Area
Build a small BBQ area. A table, chairs and grill is all you need to create an outdoor grill that is ideal for grilling steaks with friends or hotdogs and burgers with the kids. Choose the kind of grill that suits your personality and lifestyle to complete the picture.

Build a Fire pit
Build a fire pit that will provide warmth during the cool evening hours. Depending on the size of the area, a fire pit can be built to fit the area. Bonfires are a great idea for gathering the kids, making s’mores and telling stories.

Set Up a Tent
No matter what your age, camping can be extremely relaxing. Pitch a tent, start a small bonfire and imagine your miles away from civilization. Add a few cold beverages into the mix and all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Use Recycled Tires to Make a Jungle Gym
Paint a few recycled tires with brightly colored paint and create a climbing mountain with a few swings and a slide. Tires can be used to create almost any type of structure for kids to play on or around.

Build a Gazebo
Build a small gazebo. Plans can be found online, at local hardware stores or at home improvement stores. Gazebos can be left open or enclosed with lattice work depending on the amount of privacy you want or expect.

Make a Speaker System Out of Wooden Bowls
Take large wooden bowls and drill holes in them for the speakers and the cords. Put a small speaker inside and then use screws to put the bowls together. The speaker “balls” can be hung from trees or along fences to expand the range of the sound.

Create a Set of Patio Furniture with Old Pallets
Old pallets can be recycled into rustic patio furniture if you have a little ingenuity, some paint and a few cushions. Stack them to the desired height, connect them together and paint with whatever color you desire. Cover with cushions and you’re ready to go.

Build an Outdoor Greenhouse
If you love your plants and flowers, building an outdoor greenhouse gives you the opportunity to enjoy them all year round.

Create a Fort with Sheets
Fold large sheets over a clothesline and create forts, just like you make in the house with your kids. It’s your turn to have a little fun and be creative.

Build a Hammock
Stretch a large hammock between two trees. Hammocks slowly sway in the breeze and again with your movements. They are a great way to relax and get comfortable after a long day at the office.

Create a Game Board for Scrabble or Twister
You can use ceramic tiles laid into your concrete deck to create a Scrabble board or paint large diagrams with colors and shapes for playing games like Twister. Include the kids and let the whole family join in on the festivities.

Turn an Old Refrigerator into a Backyard Cooler
Take an old refrigerator and lay it on its back. Make sure the doors can be easily lifted. Fill the refrigerator and freezer areas with large bags of ice and add your favorite cool beverages.

Take Old Furniture and Turn it into a Platform for Watching the Stars
Bunk beds, old day beds and couches can be turned into the perfect hideaway to watch the stars. Set them around the fire or off towards a darker part of the yard for better visibility.

Plant Large Colorful Flowers
Plant a variety of colorful plants, preferably ones with extra large blooms. Find the right balance of greenery to compliment the vibrant colors and you will have a weekend getaway that is secluded and private but it will smell good too.

Create an Outdoor Movie Theater
Hook up the laptop or get out the old projector to show some movies. All you need is the white screen and a few colorful pillows to place on the pallet furniture. Relax and enjoy your movie time!