Love Gardening: 5 Watering Tips to Make Your Plants Happy

Watering your plants is an important part of maintaining a beautiful garden. Your plants and flowers will thrive when you water them properly. Watering your garden in an improper manner can do a lot of damage, hence destroying the beauty of the plants and flowers that you have.

When you make sure that you use great techniques to water your garden at the right time, you will find that your flowers and plants are healthier and more beautiful. Here are 5 simple yet effective tips to water your plants and keep them happy and blossoming always:

Watering Tips

  1. Water your plants at the proper-time. Always water your plants in the morning. If not, you can also water them in the late afternoon. If you water plants at midday, the water will evaporate fast while watering them at night will cause molds and diseases that will ruin your plants.
  2. Do not over-water your plants. Providing your plants with just the right amount of water is like giving them a healthy, well-balanced diet. Water your plants with ample amount of water, but be careful not to flood them.
  3. Give the soil enough moisture. For many plants, an inch of water per week is recommended. There should be enough moisture in the soil to prevent it from becoming completely dry.
  4. Avoid hand-watering your plants. It is best to use hoses and sprinklers to water your plants. Using these tools slowly provides water to the plants and allows it to seep deep into the soil to provide moisture to the roots as well.
  5. Find out which plants require more water. Not all plants require constant watering. It is important that you find out which plants and flowers need to be watered more often. This way, you prevent over-flooding plants that do not require too much water.