Add Style to Your Backyard with Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves are a great way to add visual interest to a patio or yard without breaking the bank or taking up a ton of space. Whether you have a smaller balcony or yard or you simply like the look of hanging pots, hanging shelves are a fun affordable option.

Before you start gathering materials, think about where you would like to hang them (i.e. a fence, a railing) and what type of plants you would like to put in them (i.e. herbs, flowers). These decisions will dictate the materials that you use and the hole sizes that you create for the pots.

Backyard Hanging Shelves

Decide upon Your Space
Pick up a whiteboard, paintbrush, and weatherproofing wood stain. A one-inch by six-inch board is long enough to cut 24-inch boards, but you can select a different size to fit your current space and planting needs. You will need the following tools: circular or hand saw, jigsaw and electric drill, a drill bit, and four screw eyes coated in zinc.

Adjust the Size as Needed
You will also need a manila rope to hang the shelves and a measuring tape. Finally, gather your pots. A one-inch by six-inch board will fit six pots each four and half inches in diameter. You can adjust the size as needed.

Be Careful About the Instructions
Before you make any cuts, read the instructions for your hanging shelves in full. Then take the time to carefully measure and mark where you will be cutting. Place the screw eyes in the fence, cut out holes for the pots, stain the boards, and put the rope in place.

Add a Pop of Color
Once you have hung your shelves, plant the flowers or herbs and place the pots in the holes. Consider adding a pop of color with a coat of spray paint for the pots or shelves. Complete the area with lawn chairs and a side table.