Your Fence is a Safety Barrier For Your Pet

Wood Fence Panel

With spring right around the corner, you’re going to want to spend more time outside, and you’re probably also going to want to move the dog from the garage and into a more pet friendly environment. Fencing in your yard has never been easier!

While most people think fencing has to be large wooden fences 6 feet high that don’t allow anyone to see in, or anyone to see out for that matter, there’s a lot to be said about fences that are more open and allow for street views of the house or even the back yard.

Sure, we all love our privacy, but when you put Fluffy in the back yard, what with him being the big, strapping German Shephard you love so much, and people are able to see through to those teeth just waiting for the first intruder, you can assure your home is safer than any alarm company could ever offer. The new fence you’ve just installed is also a safety barrier for Fluffy. While he’s protecting your home, he wont be tempted to run off down the street chasing the mail man. That didn’t turn out too well last time!

Also, it’s great to be in the front yard catching up with a neighbor or introducing yourself to the new family on the block and still be able to see into the back yard to make sure your children are playing safely. It’s time to consider new fencing for the back yard, and California Fence Company has everything you need to keep your pets, your family, and the mail man safe!