How to Protect Your Herb Garden with the Right Fencing

Herb gardens are a delightful way to fragrance your outdoor or patio space, as well as add some pep to your culinary efforts.

However, herb gardens can be more vulnerable to pets and pests, as aromas that are appealing to us can also attract curious animals.
Protect Your Herb Garden with fencing
The right kind of garden fencing can protect your herb garden, and ensure that you get to enjoy it.

Decorative or Functional?
You may simply be looking for a low, attractive fence for differentiation purposes, perhaps to distinguish a herb bed from a vegetable patch, from flowers, or simply to stop other unwary garden users from trampling your plants.

Plastic or Wood Panels
There will almost certainly be pre-made panels available in plastic or wood which will suit both the look of your garden and your pocket.

However, if you’re looking for something to keep both domestic and wild animals out of your garden, you may need to think about options that don’t just look good.

Powered Options: Electric Fence
Adding the word “electric” to any garden fencing option can seem extreme, but if you’re regularly experiencing problems with the local wildlife population, then wire fencing with a light charge, or even just a scare wire can provide the ideal solution.

Costing just a few cents a month to run, electric fencing is simple enough to install, and will teach your territorial wild visitors that your garden is out of bounds. If you have problems with burrowers, you may need to extend wire fencing a foot or so underground to deter persistent digging.

Although most small-area fencing is easily put in place, you may wish to combine choosing garden fencing for your herb patch with revamping all your outdoor fencing.  A good local contractor will be able to talk through the best options for you.