How to Prevent Dogs from Jumping Fence

Your furry best friend provides lots of fun and comfort for the whole family. However, when you’re first training a puppy, or just got a new dog, they aren’t all fun and games. In fact, a lot of puppies and new dogs can be destructive or difficult to deal with.

One of the biggest problems homeowners in big cities have is trying to keep their dogs in the yard. While building a 10-foot fence might work, your neighbors won’t like it and it won’t do much to your sightlines. That’s why many homeowners take extra measures to keep their dogs from jumping a fence that’s of normal height.

Dog jumping off fenceUse this guide to help you figure out how to keep your dog from jumping the fence using some basic PVC pipe.

Step 1:
Measure the length of your fence. To fit the PVC pipe, you’ll need to know exactly how long the fence you want to cover is.

Step 2:
Purchase the same amount of 1/2-inch diameter PVC pipe. You want to make sure that it covers every bit of area that your dog has access to.

Step 3:
Cut the PVC pipe into 5-foot lengths with a miter saw. Affix it to the inside of the fence using eye hooks and carriage bolts. That way the PVC pipes will spin when they’re attempting to jump the fence and they won’t be able to get any hold to get over the fence.

As your dog gets older, you’ll likely be able to take down the PVC pipe since they’ll be trained to not jump over it. Just make sure your dog is no longer attempting to jump before you take the fence down.

Otherwise you might have to put it back up.