6 Unique Themes to Paint Your Fence with Magnificent Murals

There are many ways to decorate a fence using paint, flowers, crafts, and other items. A fence can be designed to express your hobbies or have practical uses beyond separating property. Certain colors work better with specific climates. Some people put murals on their fences to be artistic.

Here are 6 unique themes you can consider for fence decoration:

Fence Murals

  • Nature Designs
    A company that specializes in custom paint and airbrushing on multiple surfaces will likely understand airbrushing a mural on a fence. Painting a design such as colorful gardens, coneflowers, and animals can be very attractive and complement your environment.


  • Pop Culture Paintings
    Anything you can imagine in pop culture, from famous celebrities to TV sets to malls to gas stations, can be made to look creative on a fence ― especially if attention is paid to detail.


  • Beach Scenery
    If you have a passion for the ocean an aquatic mural on a fence can bring a backyard to life, even if you do not live on the coast. It can include dolphins, whales, boats, and people having fun on surf boards.


  • Symbols and Flags
    The American flag is a simple project to paint on a fence, especially if it’s non repetitive. The red and white stripes can stretch the entire distance of the fence. You can mix in other symbols as well that reflect your personality.


  • Sun Faces
    Images of the sun with facial expressions have been used for clocks and wall decorations for many years. The artwork can be made with ceramics and wired to the fence.


  • Abstract Images
    For creative minds, abstract art can be a great conversation starter. The artwork for fence decoration is wide open to expression and doesn’t have to conform to any rules. The key is to be colorful and unique.