Learn About the Advantages of Using a Vinyl Fence around Your Property

There are many choices of fencing materials and finishes to choose from, namely wood, chain link, vinyl, iron, bamboo, and steel. These days, however, vinyl fencing has become quite the popular choice in Orange County, CA, mainly because it’s pliable and cost-effective compared to the other materials.

What makes vinyl a better choice? Here are just a few of the reasons why.


Easy to Install

Unlike other fencing materials (e.g., wood), vinyl fences are easy to install. Just slide and lock the pieces into the posts and your fence is good to go. Most homeowners are DIYers, so this material is often a  better choice for them.

Better yet, if you hire a professional for the installation, you can expect it to cost less as well, especially when compared to installing a heavy wrought iron fence. In addition, unlike wood, painting and applying of UV-finishers won’t be necessary since vinyl fences are naturally smooth and attractive.

Inexpensive Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits that vinyl fences can give you is the minimal maintenance it requires. Water and soap is more than enough to clean it. They are also naturally non-porous so you won’t have to worry about it getting stained or dirty. You won’t even have to spend on anti-rust solutions to preserve its color. Furthermore, termites are not attracted to it, making it one less thing to worry about.

Non-toxic Features

Unlike steel and iron, vinyl fencing do not have harmful chemical contents. It is made up mostly of chlorine (51%) and other natural gases (49%), so it’s eco-friendly. With it, you can also avoid animal intoxication where the animal accidentally chews off rotten chunks of wood or licks rust from iron and steel.

Yearlong Strength and Durability

Compared to wood, vinyl is five times stronger and can last for decades. Since it doesn’t absorb moisture and dew, it won’t blister, rot, or gradually decay. Its also safe to install near wet areas such as pools, rivers, or even at sea.

Lifetime Warranty and Guarantee

From the moment you finish installing your vinyl fence, you can expect it to serve well both in intense and freezing weathers. Most companies serving Orange County offer it with a lifetime warranty and a guarantee that you’re getting more than what you’re paying for.

After learning about the advantages of vinyl fencing, you are probably raring to get it installed on your property. Working with a reliable fence contractor should help you get your fence set up in no time all.  

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