Installing Pool Fence? Important Safety Features You Should Consider

When deciding on the right pool fencing there are a number of safety features to consider. Most safety features satisfy the same end. That is keeping children and pets out of the pool when you are not there for an adult supervision.

Here are some safety features to consider:

  • Full Enclosure via Track
    Traditional pool fences are built from the ground up. They cannot be moved or manipulated by children because of the metal with which they are constructed and their concrete-reinforced foundations. However, these fences usually come with a lever that some children will be able to access at some point.

    Newer fences combine security with mobility. Certain fences can be installed directly into the pool deck. Their course along a track surrounding the pool can be controlled by remote. While the fence is closed, users can lock the fence into place. These fences do not come with locks so children cannot gain access to the pool without access to the remote.
  • In-ground Pool and In-ground Pool Fencing
    Consider in-ground fencing. Built into the decks of in-ground pools these fences can be controlled by remote. The nature of the technology permits that the integrity of the fence cannot be altered. Because of this, the fence cannot be unlocked manually. It can only be raised and lowered which leaves your child with no other choice but to ask you for permission to go swimming.
  • Obscurity
    ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is a highly effective deterrent. Many fences managed by remote control do not give curious onlookers a view of the pool. Instead, the view is completely obscured by plastic or an otherwise vision-prohibiting material. Generally, these fences come equipped with a combination lock.