How to Choose the Right Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is one the best styles of fencing you can get, and for good reason too. Because it’s made of plastic, it doesn’t warp in harsh weather, it doesn’t fade in the sun and it comes with a 20+ year warranty; but not all vinyl fencing is created equal. Here’s what to look for to make sure every penny you put into your fencing is worth it.

Vinyl fencing for backyard

Look for a high-quality vinyl fence.
Always make sure to look for “virgin”, non-recycled PVC. Many manufacturers will use recycled PVC for the fencing they sell at big box stores, which means it’s not as strong and makes for a weaker fence. Despite it being ideal for the environment, it’s usually a good idea to avoid any kind of >vinyl fencing made from recycled materials.

Make sure the fencing contains aluminum.
When looking at samples, make sure the interior posts and rails are made out of aluminum alloy or steel inserts, which help add to the lifespan of your vinyl fence by giving it a sturdier reinforcement.

Vinyl fencing

Make sure the design is strong.
Make sure it has routed posts vs. single “blank” posts, which don’t need a hole in the ground to be installed. Fencing with routed posts make for a stronger fence.

Ask dealer for samples.
Before you make your final decision, ask to see a sample – preferably one that’s been in the sun for a while so you can see how it looks after some ‘wear and tear’. Make sure the color is still vibrant, see if it bends easily and check how resistant it is to pressure.

Vinyl fencing is a great investment for any home, but always make sure you know what to look for before investing your money.