Creative Landscaping Ideas for Yard Boundaries

Oftentimes when planning a landscaping design, property owners are stumped by yard boundaries. The good news is you don’t have to suffer with boring vinyl or chain link fences. Below are four creative ideas you can use to spruce up your yard boundaries.

1. Chain Link Beauty
Chain link fences are highly effective yard boundaries. They are a great option for security conscious property owners. Despite its effectiveness, the dull gray metal does absolutely nothing for your property’s curb appeal. A simple way to add some beauty to that drab gray fence is by simply covering the fence with annual or perennial climbers.

Creative Landscape Fencing2. Focal Point Boundaries
Instead of trying to draw attention away from your yard boundaries, try turning them into a focal point. Wooden fences can be painted with murals or bright colors. You can even turn your boundaries into abstract sculptures by varying the lengths of wooden planks.

3. Taking Advantage of Hardscape
Outdoor design is commonly known for planters and pear trees. Outdoors walls on the other hand are unique gems in landscape design. So you can take advantage of your boundaries by installing blocked walls. Once your blocked walls are installed, you have a blank canvas at your disposal. You can hang wall art, lighting, and even waterfall features. The possibilities are endless.

Create Creative Caves With Fencing 4. Creating Natural Curves
Like most property lots these days, boundaries are often squared or box like. If you don’t enjoy being boxed in, take this landscaping opportunity to create natural curves out of your boundaries. You can use a mix of landscaping materials including tree stumps, large boulders, greenery, and fencing material.