6 Simple Steps of Connecting a Chain Link Fence

A fence not only provides security but also ensures some form of privacy for homes. If you’re renting and cannot make permanent changes to your house, a chain link fence is the solution for you. Here are some simple steps to connect one:

    • First get permission from local government to meet the building regulations. Mark the property lines bordering your neighbor. Then portion the entire length of your fence.

Chain Link Fences

    • Dig about 4 inches deep and ensure the bottom is wider than the top. Fill the holes with gravel and cram to ensure a more compact foundation.


    • Mark the sides of the post with a bright colored chalk. Carefully align the post with a plumb line. Ensure the post is secured in its position.


    • Fill in the hole around the post with concrete and smooth the surface for a level finish. Ensure you slant always from the post so that water does not fill in the hole. Repeat these processes to all posts until they are installed. Be patient for the concrete to set properly.


    • Add to the posts bands and caps. Use these to tighten the bolts yet not too tightly. Always allow room for adjustments. Make sure each cap goes to the appropriate hole. The terminal caps need to go to the end cap. The line posts needs to be fitted to the looped caps which are on top of the rail.


  • Cut off any excess length of the top rails using a hacksaw and install them to the terminal rail caps. Tighten the bolts. Attach the mesh to the post and rails. You might need someone at the other end to hold the mesh. Then expand the chain bond as you tighten. Use a tension bar to cut off the mesh where it should end.
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6 Simple Steps of Connecting a Chain Link Fence
Chain link fence is not only provides security, but also ensures some form of privacy for homes. Check out few easy steps of how to connect a chain link fence.

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2 thoughts on “6 Simple Steps of Connecting a Chain Link Fence

  1. Elizabeth, this is some very good information about chain link fence. It seems like it would have been a good idea to have a professional install a chain link fence for you. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about it not being very tight or strong.

  2. I know that chain link fences don’t look the best, but they have a lot of good qualities that I like. They are easy to assemble, low maintenance after that, and lost is lower too. I would put a bush or other shrubberies to had some privacy to the fence.

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