5 Steps to Inspire Your Kid’s Gardening Interest

Teaching your child how life begins from a seed will help their curiosity grow for other things as well. Showing your kids how a garden is not only an economical activity but will also help prepare them for a future when they control the budget. Children love learning new things and gardening will last them a lifetime.

Fast growersKid’s-Gardening-Interest
Pick fast growing plants like alfalfa sprouts, green beans or even chia seeds. This way the children can see the results of their labor in just a few short days. Patience takes time to learn so stay away from plants that are slow to sprout.

Introduce gardening with a book
Let your children learn how a garden contributes to the food source with books specifically for this purpose. Pictures will explain to your child how a plant begins a journey through life starting as a seed and the total growth process.

The right tools
Start your children gardening with tools designed for their tiny little hands. Trying to use full size tools are too awkward and the kids could wind up destroying plants while trying to weed.

Give them their own garden
Arrange a spot for your children to have a garden of their own. Imagine the joy on the face of your children as they harvest food from their own garden. This also keeps your garden from being damaged by eager children trying to help.

Just have fun
Whether you end up with a bumper crop or just one tomato, the joy is the time you got to spend with your children. They are young for such a short time so enjoy every minute of them. The food that you wind up with is just a bonus.