5 Skilled Ways to Paint a Chain Link Fence

Like wooden fences, chain link fences can also be painted. However, because of the very porous material and the little nooks and crannies, you will have to go about painting your chain link fence differently than you would a wood fence. Here are a few ideas:

Painters MittPainting chain link fence
Just like a baseball mitt, these painters’ mitts fit around your hand and are made of materials to keep your hands clean. The wool like material distributes paint evenly over the links and you can even go back afterward to rub any drips of paint off or around.

Spray Attachment
If you have a paint machine, you can use a spray attachment to paint your chain link fence. Just make sure you set a piece of plywood or cardboard in the background to catch the paint as it sprays though the fence. Then do the same for the other side.

Roller Handle With Paint Storage
Just like the thick rollers you use for walls, these rollers with handle and paint storage work the same way. But, in this case you can actually store pain inside the handle so you don’t have to keep going back to your tray again and again. Make sure you are using a thicker nap for this.

Choosing the Right Brush
If you aren’t worried about taking the extra time to do a possible second coat, you can also use a regular brush. Just be sure this brush has thicker bristles and is thicker in width.

Multiple Options
If you really want to get your chain link fence painted perfectly, you can also use a variety of the methods above. Perhaps use the first coat as a spray option and then go back with a larger brush to paint rails and knobs. Then, use a smaller.