5 Easy Steps to Install a Chain Link Fence on a Stepped Wall

Chain link fencing is a common fence used in many places throughout the world. It is considered a low security fence, but these tips will help to improve the appearance while also adding security. Here is how to install a chain link fence on a stepped wall.

Chained fence

If the chain link fence above the wall is more than a meter long, the required posts have to be longer on a stepped wall, and every post should be positioned at the bottom. Once finished, the fence will follow the plane of the wall. A longer post may have to be cut in order for a standard post to fit the wall.

Once all the holes have been made, the two end posts need to be erected. These are special posts that are only used at the end of the chain link fence. These posts only need to be of standard length. First, you should consider which side of the fence will attach the mesh, and then the opposite side will have support.

Once the two end posts are in, look at the first and the highest step as there may be a small gap between the posts and the wall; this is normal. Once the step posts are in, leave the concrete to dry.

Some fitters put the supports and posts on at the same time. Others prefer to have posts dry for a day, and then add the supports. With the posts, most contractors will put a support on either side, but some will only put one.

The platinas should be attached to each of the end posts. The bottom should touch the top of the wall. Once the platinas are on, attach the mesh.

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  1. I do appreciate your post, but you kind of lost me. I guess it is why I normally hire people to set up my fence and fix it rather than do it myself. In any case, on a stepped wall, you mentioned that there will be gaps between the post and the wall. Should I worry about this gap, and how small should the gap be?

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