Show off Your Personality with Fence Styles

Fences do more than protect and secure your property. They make a definitive statement about your style and the kind of person you are. There are several ways to define your property boundaries without going the traditional route.

Fence Style

Choosing the right fence design can set your property apart from others in the neighborhood.

  • Ornate

    Ornate fence designs can include various designs and lattice work that create a beautiful, yet protective boundary. You can use a variety of materials including license plates, metal gates and several other items to add character and personalize your fence.

  • Wrought Iron

    Wrought iron fencing adds a vintage look to any fence. You can have the fence designed to your exact drawings or you can purchase more generic iron patterns. Iron fencing can be painted almost any color from flat black to sparkling white.

  • Traditional Wood Privacy

    A traditional wood privacy fence design can include tall posts shaped into pencil or arrow form. Incorporated with a few solid pieces that have been painted with chalkboard paint, you will have a virtual outdoor learning area for children or a unique way for people to express themselves during gatherings.

  • Creative

    Fences can be created from almost anything you have available. Old surfboards, sleds and pallets can be used to create a fence design with a theme that matches your patio atmosphere. A traditional fence can be made not so traditional by adding Plexiglas windows at just the right height for dogs and children to be able to look out.

  • Shrubs

    Shrubs that are planted close together and allowed to intermingle with one another can create a modest divider between properties. Although not as secure as a traditional fence, they can be rather beautiful when fully grown and vibrantly green.