How You Can Get Rid of Termites in Wood Fence

Wood fencing is both beautiful and functional. With proper fence maintenance, you can prevent termite infestations and every day wear and tear from taking a toll. Termites can systematically destroy a wood fence and compromise its overall structure if care is not taken to prevent them from building nests in the fence.

Termite Distroying Fence

Identifying Termites
Termites often leave obvious signs of their existence. Testing the integrity of the wood is an easy way to determine if it is infested with termites. Try piercing the wood with the sharp tip of a screwdriver or knife. If the wood is easily penetrated, termites may be compromising the wood structure. Because termites often shed their wings when they arrive at their destination, the appearance of small scaly wings next to the fence may indicate a termite colony.

Protecting Your Fence from Termites
The easiest way to protect your wood fence from termites is to avoid exposing it to other wood that is already infested. Remove scrap wood piles or brush piles that lie close to the fence. Using proper fence maintenance techniques will also keep termites from being able to sustain colonies in or near the fencing. It is also important to avoid using untreated wood chips when creating a landscaped area.

Eliminate Termite Colonies
Eliminating existing termite colonies may involve the services of a professional pesticide company. If the infestation is severe, do-it-yourself treatments may not be sufficient enough to completely remove the colony. Calling an exterminator provides you with a guarantee that the problem will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

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