6 Secrets of Vinyl Fencing That You Don’t Know

Vinyl fencing is an affordable and durable option for many homeowners, but they often choose other materials because of the myths and misconceptions associated with vinyl and how it looks or stands up over time.

    1. Looks Cheap or Flimsy

      One of the biggest misconceptions is that vinyl looks cheap or is extremely flimsy. This is not the case at all. Vinyl is extremely durable and will hold up against the most severe weather conditions. It will also retain its look for several years without the need for painting or repairs.


  1. Cannot Be Installed Near the Ground or On Hills

    Wood fencing may begin to rot or deteriorate if placed close to the ground. This is not the case with vinyl fencing. Fences made with vinyl are resistant to moisture and can be placed on or near the ground. Vinyl can also be used on hills and steep slopes without the fear of leaning.

  2. Vinyl Fencing Is Not Environmentally Friendly

    Vinyl fences are also very environmentally friendly. While it is made from synthetic materials, its durability means that it will not have to be replaced or repaired on a regular basis like fences made out of natural materials. They do not need to be painted or stained and will remain in place with little maintenance for several years.

  3. Vinyl Fences Will Turn Yellow

    Vinyl will not turn yellow or become discolored over time. Many homeowners fear that vinyl fencing will eventually change colors or become dingy after years of direct sunlight. This is not true. Vinyl fencing will retain its color for years without having to be painted or touched up in any way.

  4. Limited Style Choices

    Vinyl fencing comes in hundreds of styles and types. In fact, molded vinyl can come in shapes other types of fencing can’t.