How to Creatively Repurpose Vinyl Fences

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you are probably always on the lookout for something that you can repurpose and reuse. Old vinyl fences are a great way to get creative around the house. Here are five ways to turn them into something new.

Vinyl Fence

Sunburst Mirror Frame
Take a round mirror and if it doesn’t already have a frame, attach it to a piece of plywood a few center-meters larger than it (contact cement is good for this). Attach hanging brackets to the wood and simply glue on the ends of the fence posts one by one all the way around.

Decorative American Flag
All you need for this is a section of fence turned on its side, a star shaped stencil and some red, white and blue acrylic paints. Perfect as a showpiece for your home or garden.

Wall Décor
Hang a section of fencing on a wall in your house and attach hooks. Then simply hang some of your favorite things from it to give an old world feel to any room.

Coat Rack
Cut a vinyl fence down from the top a half a meter or so and as many posts wide as required. Paint to suit and simply add coat hooks for a great looking coat rack.

Tool Tote
This is an easy bit of creative DIY. You need three rectangular pieces of the fence for the bottom and sides. Two top parts of the fence can make up the handle part. Simply screw it all together to make the container, drill a hole in each of the top parts. Then glue a stick in there to use as a handle. Uses include wine caddy, spice rack or to hold any little thing that is hanging around the house.