Do Wood Fences Work?

There are many styles of fencing available to homeowners who are seeking security and privacy. If properly chosen, wood fences can provide both of those along with improving the aesthetics of your yard. It is important that you consider your landscape and housing design when deciding on the right wooden fence.
Popular Fencing TypesWood fence

Stockade Fencing

One of the main benefits that wooden fences provide is privacy. Stockade fencing is an example of an affordable fencing style that can provide privacy while improving the appearance of your yard. Named for the fencing once used around military forts and for livestock enclosures, this type of fencing is now widely used in subdivisions. You can opt for dog ear fences or flat tops, and fences can be as high as eight feet if you want as much privacy as possible.

Latticework Fencing

These fences are comprised of crisscrossed wood strips that create a checkered pattern of holes. Latticework fences allow you to communicate with your neighbors while still enclosing your yard. If you want more privacy, vines can be trained to grow on the lattice thus covering the holes in the crisscross pattern.

Solid Board Fencing

Like stockade fencing, solid board fencing can maximize your yard’s privacy. This is one of the most popular fencing styles and consists of a line of pickets joined together to form panels. Solid board fences can be topped with latticework, or you can opt for dog ears or simple flat tops.

Wood fencing may be a good choice for its aesthetics but on a more practical level, wood fences best serve two principal functions: privacy and durability.