Are Your Neighbors Trespassing? Fence in Your Defense

Most people don’t worry about protecting their property from their neighbors. There comes a time, however, when the lines can become blurred and people can take advantage of you. When it comes to property lines, the actual boundary is not visible and many people automatically assume that it is acceptable to cross it as long as no harm is done.

Questionable Property Lines

Unless there is a noticeable property line in place, most neighbors may not know where the actual property boundary is. This can cause confusion as to where items can be placed or fences should be installed. It is important to have a surveyor come out and draw accurate property lines before a fence is installed. This protects both parties’ rights and will prevent confrontation later.

Will Installing a Fence Help?

In the majority of cases, installing a privacy fence will help keep neighbors from wandering onto your property or using it as a short cut. With a fence in place, it is more difficult for someone to find their way onto the property or place an item across the property line. The right type of fencing can also prevent others from looking into the property.

Protect Your Property

Installing a fence is your best defense against damage and theft. It not only protects your property it prevents outsiders from being able to view your home and watch your family. A privacy fence is an ideal security measure if you want to maintain a high level of privacy. Many insurance companies will offer discounted premiums for your insurance policies if you install a secured privacy fence.

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