5 Ideas to Overcome the Leaning of Fence

Your fence provides an easthetically pleasing look while protecting your children, pets, and privacy. After paying for a fence, and possibly hours of installation, you want to know that your fence is going to last for years. When it starts to lean there is good reason for concern.

Leaning fence

However, there are several things you can check and do to repair the fence without having to get a new one.

Here are 5 ideas that help to overcome the leaning of fence:

  • Check the Bases of the Fence for Rot and Breaks.
    The older your fence, the more likely the problem is related to rot. This is especially true if you have wood, because of the soil the fence is in. If you have a metal fence, it can still become corroded.


  • Check the Wood for Warping.
    Even treated wood can warp over time. Boards that are 6 feet long should have three support rails that are evenly spaced to support expanding wood.


  • Check to See If the Posts Are Shallow.
    Although it may take a little longer, digging a little further can make sure that your fence doesn’t lean, because the base isn’t stable enough to support the fence.


  • Check the Soil for Softness.
    If you have been having wetter, windier weather, this could be affecting your fence. The soil could be too soft, making it easier for the wind to cause the fence to lean. Better support for the fence post and drying the soil will help solve the problem.


  • Consider Repairs.
    Should you find problems, it is better both for your budget and your fence to make repairs instead replacing parts of the fence. Consider strengthening posts and boards.