11 Exclusive Ideas to Ornate Outdoors for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful about the things we often take for granted. It is more than just bringing the family together and enjoying a meal.

To show your appreciation for this very special day, you can decorate your porch, garden, and fence with these 11 exclusive ideas: Thanks Giving decoration

    1. White Pillar Candles
      Use the fall weather to your advantage and set a table outside in the yard. Place a checkered tablecloth on the table, and make a centerpiece with large scentless white pillar candles of varying heights. Place the candles on a wooden tray and decorate the tray with fresh fruits, miniature gourds, and wheat stalks.


    1. Door Greeting
      Instead of a wreath, take an old wooden tray and use chalkboard paint to write a welcome message for visitors. Hang the tray on the front door securely, and then decorate it with bittersweet berries and some fall branches.


    1. Corn Thanksgiving Wreath
      Use corn with husk to make a decorative wreath for the front entrance. If you have a garden gate, you also can hang this wreath on the gate.


    1. Driveway Decoration
      Right from the sidewalk all the way to the house, place small hay bales at regular intervals on either side of the driveway. Place miniature pumpkins and gourds on the bales and use pine cones, corn, and bittersweet berries to decorate the bales.


    1. Thanksgiving Tree
      Take a small tree in your garden and get your kids to write thank you notes for things they are grateful for. Hang these on the branches of the tree using fishing line. Decorate the branches with red, yellow, and orange colored garlands.


You can also make decorations with dried miniature gourds and hang them from the tree.

    1. Fence Lighting
      Decorate your fence with tiny red, yellow, and orange lights. On every alternate panel of the fence, hang a corn bouquet. Decorate the bouquet with colorful ribbons. The fence lighting can make your home look spectacular on Thanksgiving Day.


    1. Pilgrim Scarecrow
      Although most people associate this with Halloween, you can create a scarecrow with wheat stalks and erect it at your front entrance.Make the scarecrow wear pilgrim clothes to give it a Thanksgiving feel. Decorate the base of the scarecrow with pumpkins, gourds, corn cobs, and wheat stalk.
    2. Pinecone Door Decoration
      Take six pine cones and paste them to six silk ribbons. Now cut the other end of the ribbons to make varying lengths and then tie all six together and hang them on your door.


    1. Inflatable Turkey
      Buy an inflatable turkey and fill it with air. Make sure this turkey is colorful to look at. Then weigh it down with lines and keep it in your garden. Surround the turkey with pumpkins, gourds, corn cobs, and wheat stalk.


    1. Papier Mache Pilgrim and Native American
      Make several paper mache figures and then paint them as Pilgrims and Native Americans. Place them in a basket lined with wheat stalks and bittersweet berries on your porch.


  1. Pumpkin Vases
    Hollow out pumpkins of various sizes and shapes and use them as vases on the steps leading to your deck or patio.Alternatively, you can also use these vases to line your driveway or decorate your porch. Place fall flowers and foliage in these pumpkin vases.