What You Must Know About Garden Safety

Gardening can be fun and enjoyable for the whole family. Like any other activity, however, there are minor risks to be considered. Safety in the garden is easily achieved if the following points are taken to heart.

Safety in The Garden

  1. Handle Tool Safely
    Don’t lay tools on the ground or carry them in such a way that you can trip yourself or hit another person. Use a wheelbarrow or bucket to transport tools from the shed to the garden. Always lean tools against a sturdy object so they won’t fall over causing a tripping hazard.

  2. Preventing Sun Burn and Dehydration
    When trying to avoid the sun, you can wear a hat with a broad brim and a lightweight cloth shirt with long sleeves. Always keep water on hand to water both your plants and prevent your dehydration.

  3. Be Careful with Creatures
    If you find a creature of any kind (animal or insect), in or near your garden, leave it be. Animals may bite and insects can sting. Never pick up a bug or small animal. It is much easier to use a small shovel or spade to pick the creature up and move it to a safer location.

  4. Proper Lifting
    Always use proper lifting techniques. Carrying large bags of fertilizer, compost or black dirt can be hard on the back. Take your time and practice safe lifting techniques that involve using your legs instead of your back.

  5. Proper Storage
    When you are done using tools, fertilizer or anything else associated with caring for your garden, always pick the items up and put them in their proper place.

  6. Precautions for Children
    It is extremely important to keep children away from sharp tools and harmful chemicals. If children want to help, allow them to perform tasks that are within their realm of capabilities.