Vinyl Fencing Maintaining Tips: Prolonging the Life of Your Fence

A vinyl fence is popular for its durability and low maintenance needs. For most of its service life, all you have to do is admire its aesthetics and benefit from the value it adds to your home. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the dirt and debris that will eventually find its way to mar the look of your vinyl fencing in Orange County, CA over time. The good news is maintenance for these types of fences is a breeze. In fact, you only need to spend a few hours in a year to clean it.


Reason for Cleaning a Vinyl Fence

Algae is the most common reason why you’d need to clean your fence once in awhile. Otherwise, it will ruin your beautiful fence by giving it a yellowish or greenish color. Algae grows due to the combination of dampness and sunlight, and because it lives on sugar and other nutrients coming from plants near your yard, algae can make the fence its home. What’s good with vinyl though is that it’s algae-resistant, meaning the algae will only be on the surface, making it easy to clean.

Steps in Cleaning a Vinyl Fence

A power washer is the best way to go. However, not every home has this type of equipment, so the alternative is to use a garden hose, a brush with stiff bristles, and a mixture of water, laundry detergent, household cleaner, and liquid bleach. Or, you can just buy a vinyl cleaning solution in the market.

Once you have everything ready, pour the cleaning solution into a bucket and wet one section of your Orange County fence with the garden hose. Soak the brush in the cleaning solution and scrub off the stains you can see in that wet section. After that, remove the soap and the residue with the garden hose. Do this to the rest of the sections until you’re satisfied with the fresh look of your fence.

Also, if you mow your lawn regularly, you may want to hose down the fence after every session to minimize algae growth.

A vinyl fence enhances your home’s curb appeal, but only if it’s clean and well-maintained. It won’t take much of your time, so don’t take maintenance for granted so your fence remains good-looking and in good condition.

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