The 9 Best Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Indoor Christmas decorations might seem like the most important thing, but outdoor ones are as well. The following ideas can be used to decorate the outside of your home this holiday season.

Christmas Wreath: Make your own or buy one at a store to liven up your door. Add some red ribbon, colorful glass balls and some poinsettias to brighten up the wreath.

Christmas Garland around Door Frame: This can easily be done with a green or white garland and some lights to brighten the doorway.

Candlelit Wine Bottle Candelabras: Add some bottle Candelabras to the side of your steps or down the side of a driveway.

Antique Christmas Toys For Outside Foyer: If you have a big enough space on the outside door, you can add different larger wooden or glass figurines like Nutcrackers, Father Time or baby Jesus in a manger.

Drape Your Mailbox: Whether you have a regular old mailbox or a brick covering, you can use pine garland to drape it around your mailbox finishing it with a red bow.

Wrap Columns with Garland: If you have nice big columns at your front door and want to incorporate that into your decor instead of adding it around the doorway, you can do that as well.

Candles: Adding one candle to every window in your house may be an indoor concept, but from the outside it’s also a joyful decoration that everyone can enjoy.

Use Different Color Schemes: Christmas decor does not have to be red and green; it can be gold and silver or light blue and silver or purple and pink.

Add Small Potted Mini Christmas Trees: Find a few different pots, and add mini Christmas trees and poinsettias along the outside of your home to create another layer of decor.