Safeguard Your Flowers With a Garden Fence: Happy Living

Many people have gardens in the summer. Many have them year round. Regardless, most people have flowers that they would like to protect. The best way to protect your flowers is to put up a garden fence.

Here is a list of common threats to your garden:

Pets love to chase bugs, butterflies, birds…anything that moves in the air. They also like to chase wild animals. Anything that runs or flies into your garden will become fair game for a dog off his chain and your flowers will get the worst of it if he catches whatever he is after. Putting up a garden fence will keep your pets away from your garden and they will learn to avoid it.Safeguard Your Flowers With a Garden Fence
Deer are another common threat that you should be aware of. Garden fences can be a deterrent for these beautiful, albeit hungry creatures, as long as the fence is high enough to keep them from stretching their heads over. If you go with a wooden garden fence obscuring the view or an electrical fence, you should find all of your plants the way you left them when you go out to weed.

Children can be just as curious as pets and deer, sometimes more so. Bright-colored flowers can attract children in an instant. They also attract bees. Put up a garden fence to keep your children safe from unwanted bee stings. Additionally, children can get lost in high gardens and may consume plants sprayed with pesticide. Pesticide can be extremely hazardous to adults, let alone small children. A small fence will both your children and your plants safe.