How to Protect Your Garden From Animals with Fencing

When rodents and other pesky animals begin to infiltrate and damage your garden that you have worked so feverishly to create, proper garden fencing should be your first line of defense to save your plants and flowers. Wood fencing and metal fencing for a garden are the two most popular methods be utilized for handling situations such as these, and compiled below are several of each category, broken down into their best uses.

Be sure to seek the assistance of a professional if you are still unsure of the proper garden fencing to purchase after reading the rest of this blog.Wood Fences In Orange County

Wood Fencing
Wood fencing is best utilized for security, as well as decoration. Wood panels can be purchased if the wooden fence posts are not to the buyer’s liking, but fence posts are adequate in fighting the war against animal intrusion. If using wooden fencing, the different styles that you can use are solid or spaced pickets. If spaced pickets are used, then you should also purchase a mesh material to wrap around the gaps in the structures. Wooden fences are not recommended if the issue is larger animals that can easily jump, as they are mainly used to keep out smaller rodents.

Orange County Metal Fencing

Metal Fencing
Metal fencing for a garden can be much more difficult to choose, as there are many options associated with this type of fencing. Metal fencing consists of metal fence posts and some kind of mesh material. As previously mentioned, the mesh material blocks the opened gaps in the structures. These styles of fences can generally be built higher up, keeping larger animals from entering your garden. Additionally, the mesh material can be made from a metal wire fencing, providing extra security and support for the entire fence.