First Aid for Freak Fence Accidents

It’s amazing, once you start noticing, how many freak accidents occur that involve assaults and random acts of violence by fences. They apparently have it out for us humans, and no one has determined just why they seem so bent on perpetrating the muggings and maimings. What’s more shocking is that there are an alarming number of deaths that have occurred because of it.

A 37-year-old disc jockey from the U.K. had his second brush with attempted death-by-fence when he was impaled on 8-foot high iron railings. When he’d been a child he had suffered a similar mishap. In another U.K. incident, British singer Mika’s sister was impaled on a fence after falling 15 meters from the window ledge of her apartment. And in Hawaii in 2002, a man was impaled by a fence while golfing!

So what first aid should you perform if you or someone you know has been savaged by these innocuous-looking yard guardians and perimeter markers?

First and foremost, call for help immediately. If you are impaled, do not move until paramedics arrive to determine the extent of your injuries. If there is visible blood, try to determine where it is coming from and staunch the flow as much as possible without causing further injury. For minor fence mishaps, thoroughly clean the wound and dress it with antiseptic ointment and clean bandages.

To ensure that your fence is happily in place and will have no nefarious notions to harm you, your neighbors, or innocent passers-by, make sure you have it professionally installed. The fence experts specialize in several types of fencing, as well as patio and deck installations. Contact them today to put your fence in its place!